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Gift Box - 48 Pc Chocolate Truffles and Candies Gift Basket

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48 pc Chocolate Truffles and Candies Gift Box Set

One each of our 24 pc gift boxes of Chocolate Truffles and 24 pc Gift box of chocolate candies.

24 pc Chocolate Candies Gift Box

2 Each of a great selection of beautiful French Praline Candy

Imagine opening the box and there is green grass fill with a delightful box of amazing chocolate candies inside. But they will be a lot more impressed when they take their first bite. The candies are complex, lightly sweet, and sophisticated in flavor.

Holy Chocolate Caramel Hazelnut Gourmet Chocolate TruffleCaramel Hazelnut Chocolate: A crunchy caramel hazelnut cap over milk chocolate gianduja dipped in milk chocolate.
Holy Chocolate 65% Dark Gourmet Chocolate TruffleLe Noir 65%:A dark chocolate square shell filled with a rich dark chocolate ganache.
Holy Chocolate Latte Moon Gourmet Chocolate TruffleLatte Moon:Swiss milk chocolate with a roasted coffee center.
Holy Chocolate White Heart Raspberry Gourmet Chocolate TruffleRaspberry Heart: A dark chocolate ganache layer topped with raspberry ganache and enrobed in white chocolate.
Holy Chocolate Milk Caramel Hazlenut Gourmet Chocolate TruffleMilk Caramelized Hazelnut: Milk chocolate couverture over whole caramelized hazelnuts and a creamy milk chocolate ganache.
Holy Chocolate Coconut Gourmet Dark Chocolate TruffleDark Coconut Praline: A dark chocolate shell decorated with coconut flakes caps a creamy coconut filling.
Holy Chocolate Striped Hazlenut Gourmet Milk Chocolate TruffleStriped Hazelnut Feuilletine: Swiss milk couverture caps a feuilletine hazelnut filling, decorated with dark chocolate stripes.
Holy Chocolate Square Hazlenut Gourmet Dark Chocolate TruffleDark Hazelnut: A hazelnut ganache with roasted bits of hazelnuts enrobed in dark chocolate.
Holy Chocolate Cappuccino coffee espresso Gourmet Dark Chocolate TruffleCappuccino Cup: A dark chocolate cup filled with a dark coffee-flavored ganache and topped with a white chocolate cap.
Holy Chocolate Hazlenut Gourmet Swiss milk Chocolate TruffleMilk Hazelnut: A hazelnut gianduja topped with a caramelized hazelnut covered in Swiss milk chocolate.
Holy Chocolate Dark Caramet Gourmet Chocolate TruffleDark Caramel: A dark chocolate shell filled with a soft, creamy caramel.
Holy Chocolate Chessboard checker Gourmet Swiss milk Chocolate TruffleChessboard: A milk chocolate shell and a white chocolate chessboard lid embrace layered almond and hazelnut fillings.

24 pc Chocolate Truffle Candy Gift Box

These impressive gift boxes have a complete assortment of our wonderful chocolate truffle candies. As someone takes their first bite they will be delighted. The pieces are not just sweet candy, but the pop of flavor and its sophistication is actually an entire experience.

24 (2/ea) of our Chocolate Truffle Candies Selection

Caramel Milk Chocolate Truffle: A milk chocolate shell filled with a delicious caramel milk chocolate ganache.
Dark Raspberry Truffle: A bright raspberry flavored dark chocolate ganache fills a dark chocolate shell.
Hazelnut Milk Chocolate Truffle: A dense milk chocolate hazelnut filling inside a milk chocolate shell.
Mocha Truffle: A milk chocolate shell filled with a smooth coffee milk chocolate ganache.
Dark Lemon Truffle: A lightly acidic and refreshing lemon flavored dark chocolate ganache in a dark chocolate shell.
Passion Truffle: A tropical passion fruit flavored milk chocolate ganache in a creamy milk chocolate shell.
White and Black Truffle: White chocolate shell with a dark chocolate filling in perfect balance.
Caramel Milk Chocolate: Creamy milk chocolate ganache with strong caramel notes and cocoa undertones.
74% Dark Truffle: Intense dark chocolate ganache with strong cocoa notes and a nice bite.
White Chocolate Truffle: White chocolate ganache filling with a creamy texture and buttery fragrance. Lightly sweet with a clean milk flavor.
58% Dark Truffle: Indulgent dark chocolate ganache with roasted cocoa flavors and a slightly floral nuance.
65% Dark Truffle: Dark ganache filling with a rich sweetness and refined fruit undertones.