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"Oh! I just love it so much!"
Loan Co
Pastry Chef - Marriott San Francisco
International Award-Winning Pastry Chef

"It's the finest hot chocolate I've had in over 30 years"
Bob Stevenson
Kavanaugh Coffee
(Every American President since Eisenhower drinks his coffee)

"Bold, sophisticated and subtle, with an amazing spectrum of flavor. I really love it!"
Tim Sullivan
Mad Will’s Food Company

"Incredible. This is it!"
Brett Smith
Executive Chef
Marriotts on the Wharf, San Francisco
Former ACI national judge – "Gold Medal" award

"We Loved The Holy Chocolate"
Natalie Cole
Multi-Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter

"It's like if you're a Budweiser drinker and somebody all of a sudden gives you a bottle of Guinness Stout"
Michael Turback
Author of "Hot Chocolate"

"I can’t believe it. It tastes like liquid couverture!"
James Petrizzo
Board of Directors, ACF, San Francisco
Chef on Super Bowl team

John Kane
Executive Chef - The University Club, San Francisco
President ACF, ACI judge "Gold Medal" award
Chef of the Year, San Francisco

"Its Really Quite Excellent"
Ian Morrison
Exec Chef Corinthian Yacht Club in Tiburon, CA
President of the ACF for 2006
National Tasting Judge
Winner of many medals