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6pc Gift Box - Chocolate Candy

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6 Piece Chocolate Candy Gift Box

1 each of a great selection of Chocolate Candies

These cute boxes have a random assortment of our wonderful truffles. Imagine the delight as someone takes their first bite. The pieces are not just sweet candy, but the pop of flavor and its sophistication is actually an entire experience.

The choices are randomly picked but will be certain to delight you. This set will contain some pieces not included in the larger sets, like the ones below.

1 each (6) of our chocolate candies

A random assortment to simulate finding Easter Eggs

Champagne: A dark velvety champagne ganache enrobed in milk chocolate and dusted with showy white sugar.
White Coconut: White coconut ganache center coated in pure Swiss milk chocolate and decorated with coconut flakes.
Pistachio Dark: Dark chocolate ganache layered over pistachio marzipan enrobed in dark chocolate.

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