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Chocolate Bars

Chocolate Bars Handfuls

The new bags are filled with hand-cut bite sized pieces of our fabulous and exquisite chocolate. Our Big chocolate bar bag is equal in size to 5 of the Handfuls bags.

Madagascar flavor Profile updated for 2019 - Now more fruity!

New Fair-Trade Chocolate Handfuls

  • Belgian 38% Belgian 38%
    Milk chocolate that is balanced in sweetness and flavor. Creamy and sweet with a nice finish.
  • Cinnamon Spice 61% Cinnamon Spice 61%
    Fair Trade Dark chocolate mixed with cinnamon, ginger and spices give an amazing and deep flavor.
  • Colombia 65% Colombia 65%
    Single origin dark chocolate from Colombia. Very dark, almost bitter with light sweetness and aspects of cocoa and berries.
  • Frozen Banana 61% Frozen Banana 61%
    Fair Trade Dark chocolate with Natural banana flavor. Its like eating a frozen banana.
  • Madagascar 65% Madagascar 65%
    Lite tasting with strong fruity notes Dark - Single Origin All Natural, Soy Free
  • Italian Orange 61% Italian Orange 61%
    Fair Trade Dark chocolate with deep Italian orange and orange peel flavor.
  • Salted Caramel 61% Salted Caramel 61%
    Fair Trade dark chocolate with Chunks of caramel topped with Maldon flake French sea salt.
  • Venezuela 65% Venezuela 65%
    Very dark and truffle like Single Origin All Natural, Soy Free - On Sale
  • Midnight 91% Midnight 91%
    Intense without being bitter or chalky Ultra Dark All Natural, Soy Free
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8 OZ Belgian Milk 38% Chocolate Bar
$11.95  $7.00
8 OZ Colombia 65% Chocolate Bar Pieces
$11.95  $10.00