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Single Serving

The perfect size every time: Holy Chocolate's single serving offers 1.66oz of mix to make an amazing instant drinking chocolate with a chef-prepared taste. Each packet has 40% more mix than some of our competitors, so the taste is right every time. Just add hot water and enjoy. So you aren't going to have to double up on packets. We give you the right amount to start with.

Beautiful packaging: We made sure you have beautiful packaging to rival anything out of Europe in texture and style to brighten up your day or if you give it to someone as a gift then they are going to compliment you on your good taste and class. Even if they know you don't have any class it will be hard for them to tell you this when you give them a nice present. When they drink the amazing chocolate they are going to call you and thank you for your good taste because it tastes so good. It's also probably the only chocolate package that is going to be on people's refrigerators and office cubicles this year because there are Psalms printed on the inside.

Food for the mouth and the soul: It's nice to have something good to read when you are enjoying some fantastic chocolate. The whole of the person should be caught up with such a special experience so we put the Psalms of David in each Holy Chocolate hot chocolate packet. Each psalm is different so you can literally drink your way through a few psalms. And they also make a nice gift to someone who needs encouragement, is sick, or is an awful person you think needs some improving. Even if they don't like you they will probably appreciate such a nice chocolate. And maybe after that they will love you a little more. Never underestimate the power of great chocolate.

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