Gourmet Bag

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Gourmet Bag - Case of 6

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Gourmet Bags

Large sized: Beautiful, charming, and full of wonderful chocolate; the 12oz pouch holds 7 full strength servings providing the same amount of mix as our Luxury Can at a lower price. Great for a Luxury Can refill or the smart shopper.

Beautiful chocolate: Holy Chocolate drinking chocolate is unique among its peers. Look at all our chef's reviews. It's rich, bold, thick, elegant, and beautiful. When the chocolate meets your lips you know you have a serious drinking chocolate kissing you back. It's also unique not only in its taste but its easy to prepare. You just add hot water. There are no chemicals and creamers. It's all real and that's why it tastes so profoundly true.

Beauty kisses function: Everything was thought of for your perfect Holy Chocolate hot chocolate experience. The striking black package contrasts smartly with the elegant label but this bag is more than just a sack for the chocolate. The bag's plastic is military thick and has a real metallized layer to give you the freshest chocolate whenever you want. All you do is press out the extra air after you make a cup and you will prolong the freshness to up to 2 years with proper storage. I despise a big bag that cannot be resealed and makes a mess so this has a heavy gauge zip lock top to ensure the freshness of the chocolate and the zipper will not tear out like on cheap bags. The bag is also wide enough a man can get his hand inside of it to get the last cup. What would be the point of the best hot chocolate on Earth if it didn't have the right packaging to really keep it fresh?

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