Baking Cocoa - 8oz Bag

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Cacao Nibs - 2oz Bag

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Cacao Nibs - 8oz Bag

Price: $9.95

Baking Products

Cake, brownies, syrups, and truffles will spring to life with our full-flavored professional quality cocoa powder, nibs and baking products. Ever wonder why the recipe from the celebrity chef on TV doesn't taste the same at your house as it does at his restaurant or hotel? It's because they are using a different class of ingredients. These cocoas are used in the finest hotels and restaurants. Now you can taste gramma's favorite recipe in a whole new light.

Red Dutched Cocoa - 22-24% cocoa fat for maximum flavor

The red cocoa has a fantastic smell and deep red color. Its robust, intense and bittersweet, fudgy, with full chocolate essence. Very rich taste.

+ Less acidic than natural cocoa, suitable for baking without modification.
+ Use in recipes that call for dutched cocoa.
+ Full dutched cocoa
+ Extremely fine ground
+ Dutch style

Dark Dutched Cocoa - 22-24% cocoa fat for maximum flavor

This unique American processed cocoa is wonderful, dark brown, with medium dutching which gives is a little more bite. It's fruity, very fudgy and earthy. You will feel the chocolate with this cocoa.

+ Light dutched - suitable for baking without modification
+ Use in recipes that call for dutched cocoa
+ French style

The Natural Cocoa - 22-24% cocoa fat for maximum flavor

Natural cocoa is a different kind of cocoa. Light in color but dark and intense with an acidic and very fruity flavor with a kind of german chocolate cake taste. We use it to perk up the chocolate taste in hot chocolate, but un-dutched cocoa is a fantastic source of antioxidants and a very intese chocolate experience. Use it straight or add it to a cake or brownie mix to make it pop with chocolate taste.

+ Natural - needs modification to use in some recipes. Details on bag.
+ Use in any recipe that calls for cocoa powder.

Cacao Nibs

These are the actual roasted cocoa beans broken into pieces the size of chopped peanuts. Crunchy like macadamia nuts, the scent of chocolate and a wonderful blended chocolate taste, these can be used in recipes, used as a nut replacer on ice cream, or anywhere you would use chopped nuts. Imagine a nut made out of chocolate!

+ Roasted and winnowed cocoa nibs suitable for baking, candy, cooking, or straight eating.
+ Blend of east African cocoa beans

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