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How creamy?

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Raspberry Crème

Lite and truffle-like with raspberry and genuine vanilla

All natural

Imagine the smell of quality chocolate genuine raspberry and vanilla reaching your nose. Youíre curious and you take a small sip to see what adventure Father Stan has put together for you. You are surprised at the creamy truffle-like texture, the measured sweetness and the authenticity of the raspberry and real vanilla. You wonder how we even got genuine Tahitian and Bourbon vanillas in the chocolate, but that is one the mysteries of the faith. The chocolate is light, unusual and French in nature.

"You wonder how we even got genuine Tahitian and Bourbon vanillas in the chocolate..."

When I was a boy my father was a government scientist and would often take trips to Europe to give lectures to scientists there. Every time he came back he was like the King of Halloween bringing me a special treasure other boys didnít qualify for. He might as well have been a deep space astronaut bringing back alien candy. European candy and chocolates were quite a revelation. I couldnít believe the real breadth of chocolate and candies he brought back. The flavors and experiences, even as a boy, fired my imagination.

In light of my childhood past and current experience working in gourmet chocolates and confections I had been working for the last couple years to bring an incredible Raspberry chocolate out but it just never really quite came together. Inside my head was a clear picture of a chocolate that would be very milky in mouth-feel, would be direct but light in chocolate, unlike our new reformulation of Amsterdam with is an incredible and intense chocolate. This time I wanted the raspberry and vanilla to be the stars. I wanted the kind of real raspberry taste that you get in truffles that have been infused with real raspberries and some genuine vanilla to bring out the fruity and earthy highlights of the chocolate.

The flavors arenít intense, rather they are restrained and balanced to give you a French truffle experience. But I am sure you will agree this is quite a treat. You will be able to share in the joyful childhood experience of when my father, Richard Smith, brought my sister and I a suitcase of heavenly delights.

Made entirely with ingredients and packaging made and processed in the USA.

One serving has 1.66 oz. of mix (almost 70% more than some brands) so that the milk is perfectly reconstituted and the chocolate taste is profound. All our mixes only use real cocoa and real dried milk from pasture cows that are free of added rBST and antibiotics for an incomparable taste. There are no artificial additives, preservatives, or fake milk mixes. Heavenly things for a Heavenly people!... As is perfectly right!

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