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Distinctive Chocolate With A Splash of Amaretto

As soon as you open the packet, you will be met with the mysterious, fruity, and warm scent of amaretto and chocolate. Suddenly you are at a sidewalk café in a sultry seaside town in Italy. The sultry air is saturated with the possibilities of romance and adventure. It's a love affair of a classical flavor from the age of The Renaissance and a modern fine chocolate.

It's a love affair of a classical flavor from the age of The Renaissance and a modern fine chocolate.

Amaretto (am-ah-REHT-toh) is a nut-flavored liqueur with a distinct flavor of almonds, though it's often made from the kernels of apricot pits which gives it a light cherry flavor. The original liqueur, Amaretto Di Saronno, hails from Saronno, Italy, and is the most popular Italian liqueur in the world. It's one of my favorite tastes, and we wanted to have a chocolate that had a distinctive Italian flair.

Even among other amaretto-flavored treats, Holy Chocolate Amaretto reigns supreme. At food shows we always use the Amaretto in our presentations because it's such a crowd pleaser. I love the look on people's faces as they seem transported away for a second when they drink in the flavor and the scent with their sample. A sample is all it takes to make a convert.

The key with any of our flavorings and spices is to get the balance just right between the cocoa, the sweetness, and the flavor. The flavor has to accompany the chocolate, but it has to be polite. It can't take over. You still have to taste the chocolate dead on. But this is such a great masterpiece that we always beam with pride when people compliment us on it. And we think you will love it. If you have never tried amaretto in your whole life this is a very safe bet.

This is my father's favorite variety. He really drinks a lot of it, and he looks great for a guy who's almost 70 (Mom helps him too). He calls me from time to time and says, “Son! When is my next dividend payment coming?”

"Soon, Dad! The Amaretto is in the mail!"

One serving has 1.66 oz. of mix (almost 70% more than some brands) so that the milk is perfectly reconstituted and the chocolate taste is profound. All our mixes only use real cocoa and real dried milk from pasture cows that are free of added rBST and antibiotics for an incomparable taste. There are no artificial additives, preservatives, or fake milk mixes. Heavenly things for a Heavenly people!... As is perfectly right!

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