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Hot Chocolate

"Incredible. This is it!"
Brett Smith
Executive Chef
Marriotts on the Wharf, San Francisco
Former ACI national judge – "Gold Medal" award

Holy Chocolate offers the ultimate instant hot chocolate without all the chemicals. Now you can have your chef made experience with your microwave knowledge as all the fuss and muss of scalding milk is eliminated. All you need is hot water. Take it to work, the game, or camping. Or just enjoy real luxury at home.

All our mixes ONLY have real milk in them.

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  • American American
    American Drinking Chocolate is like a 55% chocolate bar. Full bodied and full strength.
  • Amsterdam Amsterdam
    Like drinking an 80% chocolate bar. Our least sweet, most intense hot chocolate.
  • Belgian Milk Belgian Milk
    Milkiest chocolate with real vanilla for the chocolate grandma used to make. Like a 28% bar.
  • European Spice European Spice
    Viennese style hot chocolate with real cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and spices. Like drinking a 72% chocolate bar.
  • Mint Mint
    Dark mint chocolate modeled on a thin mint cookie. Like a 55% chocolate bar.
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