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8.6 OZ Venezuela 65% Chocolate Bar

8.6 OZ Venezuela 65% Chocolate Bar

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Venezuela 65% - Single Origin - Dark Chocolate Bar

Complex, medium sweetness, very dark taste, with the taste of red berries and tea. Soy Free - All Natural.

Each chocolate Bar is equal to 10 of the ingots.

High-end Chocolate bar with European truffle flair?

This kind of chocolate is the kind used in a lot of high-end chocolates where that intense chocolate with a European flair is needed and is a defining feature on the classical French Truffle taste. Often used as a chocolate shell on confectionary dark chocolate candies (like truffles) to kick the flavor up.

There is a very famous brand of Venezuelan chocolate that almost everyone has heard of. It's pretty expensive and has a very nice black package, but it still lacks something. This chocolate knocks that flavor right out of the park.

The cacao comes from the Sur del Lago region and is a blend of the Criollo (same variety as our Madagascar 65%) and the Trinitario beans (same variety as our Colombia 65%) grown there. It is at once a classic dark chocolate taste with a French flair but also very complex. You will probably taste something different in every bite.

Couverture chocolate: This is the highest quality of chocolate that usually has more than 30% cocoa butter. It has a richer and more sophisticated taste and is really designed to give the maximum flavor with the least amount of chocolate and is used for covering candies like truffles. I chose this quality of chocolate not because it was the most profitable (it isn't) but because it has the maximum amount of taste.

Wine Pairings - Wine and chocolate naturally go together
Light bodies Fruity Reds: Low Tannins, Beaujolais, Pinot Noir, Merlot
Fruity Whites: White Zinfandel, Saveuenon Blanc, Gewurztraminer, Reisling
Sweet Dessert Wines: Ruby Port, Vintage Port

Flavor pairings:

Dried Fruit, Cherries, Stone Fruits, Hazlenuts, Pistachios, Caramel, Honey, Vanilla and Teas.

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