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8.6 OZ Ecuador 65% Chocolate Bar

8.6 OZ Ecuador 65% Chocolate Bar

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Ecuador 65% - Single Origin - Dark Chocolate

Very dark chocolate bar with clean intense taste. Nut,‭ ‬tea,‭ ‬and tropical aspects to the flavor.‭ Soy free, All Natural

Each chocolate Bar is equal to 10 of the ingots.

‬In some ways, it's like a sweeter and less intense Midnight‭ ‬91%‭ ‬chocolate.‭ ‬This is probably the closest to a classical dark chocolate but with refreshing sophistication.‭ ‬And it's only‭ ‬125‭ ‬calories per square.‭ ‬Milk free.
There is a special valley in‭ ‬Ecuador that grows the Ecuadorian Cacao Nacional Forestero beans.‭ ‬Normally the Forestero is the most common variety of cacao produced and it's used in a lot of bulk chocolates,‭ ‬but this is a very special Forestero and can only really be grown in‭ ‬Ecuador and is used in fine flavor cacaos and chocolates.
The Ecuadorian Cacao Nacional Forestero is finicky and is more susceptible than some other kinds of cacao trees to disease,‭ ‬so this is really a very special chocolate,‭ ‬not just because it tastes special,‭ ‬but because it is special and very sought after.

Couverture chocolate bars

‬This is the highest quality of chocolate that usually has more than‭ ‬30%‭ ‬cocoa butter.‭ ‬It has a richer and more sophisticated taste and is really designed to give the maximum flavor with the least amount of chocolate and is used for covering candies like truffles.‭ ‬I chose this quality of chocolate not because it was the most profitable‭ (‬it isn't‭) ‬but because it has the maximum amount of taste.

Wine Pairings -‭ ‬Wine and chocolate naturally go together

Fruity Reds‭ (‬low tannins‭)‬:‭ ‬Pinot Noir,‭ ‬Syrah,‭ ‬Merlot,‭ ‬Cabernet,‭ ‬Zinfandel
Sweet Dessert Wines:‭ ‬Ruby‭ ‬Port,‭ ‬Vintage‭ ‬Port

Flavor pairings:‭ ‬
Tropical Fruits,‭ ‬Berries,‭ ‬Citrus,‭ ‬Coffee,‭ ‬Teas,‭ ‬Spices,‭ ‬Herbs,‭ ‬and Floral tastes