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Cake, brownies, syrups, and truffles will spring to life with our full-flavored professional quality cocoa powder, nibs and baking products. Ever wonder why the recipe from the celebrity chef on TV doesn't taste the same at your house as it does at his restaurant or hotel? It's because they are using a different class of ingredients. These cocoas are used in the finest hotels and restaurants. Now you can taste gramma's favorite recipe in a whole new light.

  • Cacao Nibs Cacao Nibs
    Holy Chocolate Cacao Nibs are from a blend of West African beans. Winnowed and ready to eat or cook with.
  • Dark Dutched Cocoa Dark Dutched Cocoa
    22-24% cocoa fat for maximum flavor. Medium dutching which gives is a little more bite. It's fruity, very fudgy and earthy. You will feel the chocolate with this cocoa.
  • Red Dutched Cocoa Red Dutched Cocoa
    22-24% cocoa fat for maximum flavor. Its robust, intense and bittersweet, fudgy, with full chocolate essence. Very rich taste.