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If you remember the terrific chocolate we used in the ingots then you will be happy to know that that exquisite chocolate is back. Click for more info

Cocoa Varieties

Gourmet Hot Chocolate that is decidedly thick and rich. It's all natural Drinking Chocolate as its meant to be without all the mess because real milk is in the mix. Now you can have a chef prepared experience with the ease of an instant just by adding hot water. Has real cocoa, real milk, sugar, and spices or natural flavors for the purest chocolate experience. Marshmallows not needed.

Holy Chocolate American dark milk chocolate
Dark Milk Chocolate
Holy Chocolate Amsterdam Ultra dark hot chocolate
Our Darkest Cocoa
Holy Chocolate ultra milk chocolate with real vanilla
Belgian Milk
Sweet with Real Vanilla

European Spice
Very Dark with Spices
Holy Chocolate mint dark milk hot chocolate
Mint Chocolate
Dark Milk Mint Cocoa
Holy Chocolate Swiss ultra creamy Hot Chocolate
Swiss Milk
Super Creamy

Belgian Milk chocolate by Holy Chocolate
Single Serve Packets
One Full Strength Cup
American Dark by Holy Chocolate
12 OZ Bags
7 Full Strength Cups
4.5 LB Bulk drinking chocolate by Holy Chocolate
4.5 LB Bags
46 Full Strength Cups
Professional Cocoas and Nibs by Holy Chocolate
Professional Ingredients

Holy Chocolate makes true drinking chocolates and chocolate bars for the discerning chocolate lover with gourmet tastes. Strong cocoa, velvety textures, and surprisingly sophisticated flavor mark these from all the others. It is quality without compromise – made in the old way. Take a taste and it's "Heaven on Earth".